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The Geographic Location of Miami and Fabulous Solar Output
On a sunny day in Miami, the weather is great only if you are a solar panel!
Using Solar Power to Heat Your Pool
If you have a pool in Florida, you probably use it for the majority of the year. However, there are probably a few months of the year that you cannot use your pool because it does get too cold to do so.
Who Has the Power in 2019? Solar or FPL?
If you live in Florida, there are a number of alternatives you can choose rather than standard electricity. One of the most popular? Solar power.
Taking Advantage of Net Metering
Net metering is a way for residential or business owners who own solar panel systems to funnel unused electricity back into the electric grid.
million megawatts saved this year
Homes hooked up this week
Nine Tricks to Live a Greener Lifestyle
Moving to reduce wastefulness and live in a greener way is a great goal, but it can be overwhelming!
How to Determine if your House is Eligible for Solar Panel Installation
Are you wondering, "Is solar really worth it?” Or whether solar installers in Florida will be able to work with your roof?
How Solar Batteries Keep the Power On During a Blackout
Most installations of solar power in Florida generate excess energy, which can then be stored in a solar battery.
Five Great Things You Might Not Know About Solar Power in Florida
Solar power is good for your pocket book and good for the environment!
Financial Benefits of Getting Solar Panels
Solar panels are a great thing to add to your home because they allow you to use energy from the sun to do a variety of things.
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