» How Solar Batteries Keep the Power On During a Blackout

How Solar Batteries Keep the Power On During a Blackout

Most installations of solar power in Florida generate excess energy, which can then be stored in a solar battery. Even though most solar power systems remain connected to the grid, solar power batteries let you continue to keep your lights on even when your local grid has gone down. Solar power with battery backup gives you a bank of power that you can use up as you wish!

Most people use stored power in three different ways.

Backup Power for Emergencies

Many battery systems, such as the Sonnen system, can store up to 16W of power. With 16W, you can power a number of devices throughout most of the day. By reducing power usage, you can ensure that any critical systems will persist through any power outage. For prolonged power outages, though, keep in mind that you have a finite amount stored up. Watching non-stop movies on your LCD television should probably wait until after the outage is finished! Still, this is a huge benefit of solar power in Florida.

Using Solar Power Whenever You Want

Another huge benefit of solar power with battery backup is to lengthen the amount of time you can use your solar power in Florida. During the day, you can easily keep power usage low. Solar power with battery backup allows you to tap into the extra power you saved during the night and run your house off of stored solar energy.

If you don’t have batteries storing up your extra solar power, then any extra power you generate will be sent back into the grid to provide power to your local neighbors. While the power systems of Florida benefit from this, and your utility company will probably credit you for that power, you’ll save more money by conserving your own power than by selling it back to the company and getting commensurate credit on your bill.

Targeting Your Solar Energy Usage

Solar power with battery backup allows you to choose what you do with the excess power your solar panels generate. If you want to conserve power in case a bad storm hits, you can do that, or you can choose to use it each night as you produce it during the day.

What about Hurricane Outages and Solar Power?

Hurricanes can be a real threat to power systems in Florida, and if you’re counting on your power, it can be a scary season! Solar batteries are a cheap and easy-to-use solution to the potential failure of power systems in Florida. You don’t have any control over when power gets restored once an outage hits. Solar power with battery backup is a way of regaining some of that control, and using only essentials like refrigerators and communication will ensure that you can stretch that power for several days. In a hurricane power outage, it’s best to unplug any appliances you aren’t planning on using immediately.

While using your batteries to provide power during the night is useful, consider shifting your usage habits for anticipated outages. When hurricane season gets close, charge your batteries up to full capacity instead of using them at night. This way you’ll be ready for any unexpected outages in power systems in Florida. Solar power in Florida is a great, affordable way to make sure you and your loved ones will weather any storm.