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Cross Atlantic Solar now offers a variety of solar repair, service, and maintenance for your existing solar system.

  • Solar Pool Heating:
    • Leaking Collector Repair
    • Collector Replacement
    • Re-Strapping of Collectors
    • Controller Replacements
    • Sensor Replacement
    • System Removals
    • System Reinstallation

  • Solar Hot Water:
    • Tank Replacement
    • Mixing Valve Replacement
    • Recirculating Pump Replacements
    • Collector Replacement
    • System Removals & Reinstallation
    • System Tune-Ups
    • Leak Repair

  • Photovoltaic (Solar Electric System)
    • Production Analysis
    • Mixing Valve Replacement
    • Mixing Valve Replacement
    • Removal & Reinstallation
    • Replacing of Broken Modules
    • Upgrading of System Size
    • Replacement of Inverters

We Work With All Major Solar Brands!


Let us know what you need serviced. For other services and inquiries, please contact us for a quote at 855-SAVE-SUN (855-728-3786).