On a sunny day in Miami, the weather is great only if you are a solar panel! Located in the sunbelt area, Miami has an average of 249 sunny days per year, which is more than 21% of USA’s average – 205 of sunny days. That’s really encouraging data if you are considering going solar. With this amount of solar radiation, the payment of investment in the solar power system is very fast and cost-effective, especially if you calculate the amount of energy your household will consume for air-conditioning. Sunny days in summer means really hot days and high utility bills. With solar panel installation, you can both save money in your pocket and enjoy in the comfortable, chilled home!

The average amount of sunny hours are the base for every experienced solar installer in Miami, which is being considered when designing optimal solar panel project for homeowners or business owners. Regardless of the abundant hours of sunshine in warmer periods of the year, we have to count also on Christmas gift from the sun – and know what output to expect in December and January when the days are shortest. Only with all known data, we can guarantee that your solar panel installation will provide you a stable power supply during the whole year. The maximum power point is determining by the weakest link. We are oriented to maximize the utilization of your solar panel installation.


And this is the point when the fanfares fell silent. With 3.4 kWhr/m2 of solar radiation in December and astonishing 6.89 kWhr/m2 in June – perspectives for long-term use of green and free source of energy in Miami are very bright. Efficient solar power systems do not require large roofs – they require only bountifully sun radiation during the year, in order to maximize the utility of PV system. The best part is that the sun rises every morning! With this predictable data, you can only imagine how much you could save on your electricity bills and give your contribution to environmental protection, during 25 years of solar panel lifespan. With the stats below – “Cross Atlantic Solar” has the courage to dream of a world with a lower carbon footprint and free electricity from renewable energy sources. You’ll have just to sit back and let the sun shine. We’ll catch the power for you.

Peak performance of the PV module can be really astonishing with the highest efficiency rates when you come to the right experts. Whether you need a photovoltaic for your home or business – we always have the right concept for you. “Cross Atlantic Solar” is bringing the sun into focus with know-how and long-standing experience, so, why you don’t take all the advantages from the sun and cut your electricity bills? We can provide you great annual yields, as well as customized support and turn-key solutions for your solar panel installation.