» Using Solar Power to Heat Your Pool

Using Solar Power to Heat Your Pool

If you have a pool in Florida, you probably use it for the majority of the year. However, there are probably a few months of the year that you cannot use your pool because it does get too cold to do so. However, there is a way that you can use your pool all year long. If you make your pool a heated one, there will be very few days that you will not want to use your pool. Even when it gets a little bit more chilly outside, you can still use it because it is heated. The best way to heat your pool so that it does not break the bank is by using solar power. 

Benefits of Using Solar Power to Heat Pools

It Pays for Itself in Energy Costs – While it may cost a bit of money to get it installed at first, over time you will really see the benefits of using solar energy because it will pay for itself with the savings you see. On average, it takes about 7.5 years for it to pay for itself and the system will last much longer than that. 

You Can Enjoy a Heated Pool Year-Round – In the summer, having a heated pool is likely not an issue in Florida. However, in the fall and spring, there are some days where you may want to take a dip and things are not warm enough for you. When you have a heated pool, this is never an issue and neither are the cooler nights that sometimes come in the summer. 

You Can Use the Solar Energy to Run Other Pool Essentials – Having a pool means you need to have a pump to keep the water clean. If you have solar power to heat your pool you can also use the solar energy to run other essential functions that may take a lot of energy. This will save you even more by using it for all things related to your pool maintenance. 

Solar power is the way to go when it comes to options for heating your pool, especially in the winter months. If you want to be able to use your pool for longer but do not want to have to spend a lot of money year after year to do it, solar power is the best option.

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